Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Love Letter

Do you know how much in love with you I am? Did I trip? Did I stumble - lose my balance, graze my knee, graze my heart? I know I'm in love when I see you. I know when I long to see you, I'm on fire. Not a muscle has moved. Leaves hang unruffled by any breeze. The air is still. I have fallen in love without taking a step. You are all wrong for me and I know it, but I can no longer care for my thoughts unless they are thoughts of you. When I am close to you, I feel your hair brush my cheek when it does not. I look away from you sometimes, then I look back. When I tie my shoes, when I peel an orange, when I drive my car, when I lie down each night without you, I remain.. Yours

From the Novel "the Love Letter" by Catheline Schine


حازم شلبى said...

My Best Regards To You.Nice Post,And I Hope That You Come To Us With More Of The Great Novels..Eid Mubark For You And For The Great The Islamic Nation And For Your Respctable Family..

Best Wishes.

Adam said...

Thomas Listen. Listen. There are times when life calls out for a change. A transition. Like the seasons. Our spring was wonderful, but summer is over now and we missed out on autumn. And now all of a sudden, it's cold, so cold that everything is freezing over. Our love fell asleep, and the snow took it by surprise. But if you fall asleep in the snow, you don't feel death coming. Take care

From "Paris, Je t'aime".

بغالة حوشي said...

u have the a lovely elegent way of describing ur feeling i enjoy every single word u write gurl i envy u :P but in a good way mashhalla ... :)

i really loved the poem from the novel very nice :)keep it up

عاليا حليم said...

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توتة توتة said...

music made a nice mixture with words . it passes through ma heart

Anonymous said...

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dr.Roufy said...

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goodman said...

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